Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Photo Albums

Photo albums are a creative and beautiful way to preserve life’s most precious memories. Instead of storing photos away in boxes, never to be seen, an album is a wonderful way to share them with family and friends. Weddings celebrate the start of a new, joined life for two people, and a wedding photo album can ensure their cherished moments are well-preserved.

What is a wedding album?

A wedding album is one of many photo album options. Couples who choose to preserve their wedding images this way will have a beautiful book full of precious wedding memories that will last a lifetime. For those who prefer to create their own wedding photo album, there are multiple options.
  • Dry mount album: This wedding album option is generally capable of holding a large number of photos due to the fact that the pages are completely customizable. Typically, there is no adhesive already present on the page, allowing the user complete freedom to create and design their photos as they wish. This album will also accommodate wedding images of varying sizes.
  • Self-adhesive album: Another great style for preserving wedding photos, a self-adhesive photo book contains pages that are already outfitted with adhesive glue. A thin sheet of plastic is then used to cover the images. This type of album is a good choice for those who would like to position their wedding images permanently on the page.
  • Slip-in Album: This style photo album contains pockets for each photo from the wedding. Typically, these photo albums only hold one size of wedding print, so purchasing multiple different sizes may be necessary to accommodate a range of wedding prints.

What is a flush mount photo album?

A flush mount wedding album design is typically created by professionals. This album has a very small seam between pages, allowing larger wedding photos to be displayed without compromising the integrity of precious wedding memories. The pages are very thick and will not fold. Often times, wedding photos are displayed across the entire length of both pages. Individuals select their album design and upload photos from the wedding. A professional then completes the process.

What supplies do you need to start making a wedding album?

Supplies necessary to create a photo album for your wedding will depend on the type of album you choose. If you would like to create a beautiful custom design, you will need to select decorative paper to cover the pages, adhesive, pens or markers, scissors, page embellishments, and images from the wedding.

What is the difference between a wedding photo album and a photo book?

The primary difference between the two is the type of binding and page used. Wedding photo books are made professionally and must be ordered. Photo albums, on the other hand, can be made from the home. If you wish to commemorate your wedding with gorgeous photographs that last, choose a photo album over a photo book as they tend to have a much longer life.

What are wedding photo albums constructed from?

Materials will vary between styles, but many covers are made of leather, leatherette, linen, or canvas. Some covers may even be made of glass. Pages may be made of thick cardboard, paper, plastic, or photo paper.