Wedding Confetti

Wedding Confetti

Confetti is a big, feel-good part of any special party. There's a lot of choice when it comes to scouring through which type you'll be scattering, so it's worth checking out your options. Some of it may come down to the venue and timings. For instance, whether you'd like the traditional wedding, leaving the church showered with confetti or something to surprise people at their tables at a major event.

You can shop new products or used and refurbished items. Often, these include rarer, more unusual confetti, like scatter table crystals or even boxes to hold your confetti.

Throwing Confetti

Thinking about color themes is important for any special occasion. Weddings, in particular, tend to have a specific scheme in place, so if you're the one organising things, the color of your confetti will have to fit in. As a guest, you have a lot more freedom to just pick what you like.

Throwing confetti comes in anything from multicolors to pink, white and blue. You can find round types, flower and heart shapes. There are also biodegradable and luxury dried petal varieties.

Confetti Cannon

If you want the event to go off with a bang, a confetti cannon will help it do just that. Perfect for getting your guests talking, cannons will shoot a larger quantity of confetti into the air exactly when you want them to.

You can find giant confetti shooters with spring mechanisms, filled with biodegradable paper. There are also gold glitter cannons powered by compressed air and handheld confetti cannons for guests.

Table-top Confetti

Adding a bit of a sparkle to any event can be as simple as dressing the tables with confetti. Specially made table-top confetti comes in anything from gold to blue or pink. Shapes include circles, diamonds and hearts.

Examples range from acrylic scatter crystals to multicolored paper sprinkles, and vintage-style heart-shaped products.