Wedding Card Boxes & Wishing Wells

Wedding Card Boxes and Wishing Wells

Weddings can be a hectic event, so it is helpful to have a designated space for gifts and cards to help keep everything organized. These can be as simple as a decorative, slotted wooden box, a painted-white container that fits the wedding’s theme, or a gold birdcage. A basic wood or tin wedding-card box can be reused later as a home decoration.

What are some ideas for a wedding-card box?

A slotted card box is completely sealed up except for an envelope-length slit on the top. Other shapes of boxes for wedding cards resemble a wedding cake or a stack of luggage. A card box can be made out of materials like wood, tin, or cardboard, and they vary in design from a simple box painted a solid color, such as blue, gold, or white, to an intricately decorated card box that reflects the wedding's theme.

Does a wedding-card box lock?

In some situations, it is appropriate to have a secured wedding-card box. A small padlock fits in with some box styles. For instance, a lock appears completely natural on a rustic card box that looks like a wooden crate. A wood or metal box that resembles a treasure chest will also look great with a clasp and lock. With a lock, guests can feel confident that their cards and gifts are safe.

What are alternatives to wood or metal boxes?

At some weddings, guests deposit cards into a container that symbolizes something meaningful for the bride and groom. This could be something relevant to their shared hobbies, or it might be reminiscent of how they first met and fell in love. Some examples of more offbeat card containers include the following.

  • Birdcages painted gold and sitting atop a wooden pedestal make a nice card display. This way, guests can see the cards piled inside the ornate cage.
  • Mailbox-style containers, adorned with the bride and groom's last name, add a homey feel to a gift table, especially when painted white or another bright color.
  • Picnic-basket card boxes are good options for holding cards at rustic weddings. They're also well-suited for couples who enjoy spending time in the woods or at parks.
  • Instrument-shaped boxes, whether an actual guitar or violin case or a wooden replica, can represent a couple's shared love of playing music.

What is a wedding wishing well?

In lieu of more traditional gifts, the future husband and wife may prefer cash gifts to put toward a honeymoon or house purchase. In these cases, the gift table features a smaller version of an actual wishing well. You can find these made out of wood or other materials that relate to the wedding’s theme. Guests are also encouraged to toss note cards into the well with advice and messages expressing their love and well-wishes.