Wedding Cake Stands & Plates

Wedding Cake Stands & Plates

The dessert display stand is a focal point of the wedding reception. A cake stand shows off what is perhaps the biggest centerpiece at the event: the wedding cake. While the baker helps with some details, how the wedding cake is displayed is up to the couple.

What is the difference between a wedding cake stand and a cake plate?

Cake stands and cake plates are different ways to display a wedding cake on the dessert table. While both consist of materials like glass, crystal, and silver, only cake stands have long, thin pedestals. This elevates the cake 4 to 36 inches above the table. Each tier on the cake stand is of increasing height, either separate rows on the same pedestal or each on separate bases. Cake plates, on the other hand, are either at table level or a couple inches high with a wider base. These platters are often used with large, flat cakes or at small, intimate weddings.

How do cake stands work with tiers?

In tier stand arrangements, up to eight matching wedding cake stands of increasing heights and sizes are placed in a particular pattern. These stands are made of the same material and have either identical or complementary designs. They are often made of materials like crystal or silver as well. The other version of a tier cake stands seen at weddings consists of all tiers on a single pedestal. The largest layer is on the bottom with a dowel through the middle. This dowel attaches to the second-largest cake stand level and so on depending on the number of wedding cake tiers.

How do you choose a wedding cake stand?

The type of wedding cake largely determines the style of cake stand you'll need. When choosing the wedding cake stand, some considerations include the following:

  • Style: Start with choosing a shape, usually either square or circle. For wedding cakes with tiers, decide on the number and whether the layers will be on a single stand or multiple cascading stands.
  • Size: This depends on the size of cake board the cake baker uses. The cake stand needs to be equal or larger to this.
  • Cake stand material: Match the atmosphere of your wedding decorations. Some options include crystal, silver, or painted acrylic.
  • Color and decoration You will want to accent the decor of the party. Ribbons, flowers, and other ornaments can be placed on the cake stand.
How do you display cupcakes at a wedding?

Some couples prefer cupcakes or a combination of cupcakes and cake for dessert at their wedding. There are different types of cupcake stands. At some weddings, cupcakes are placed on crystal or metal tier cake stands, similar to traditional cake stands. Other cupcake stands also have tiers but have slots or circular wire holders for each particular cupcake. These stands hold fewer desserts but the display is more of a decoration. After the wedding, these cupcake stands can be stored for later use.