Web & Computer Services

What should brands consider when designing a website?

When designing a website, brands should first consider their target audience and create a design that speaks to their clients, customers, and visitors. Think about the purpose of the website and how it relates to the brand, and decide on what type of image to convey through the design. It is also important to consider the color scheme and logo, and create an overall theme that is pleasing to the eye and interesting to look at. Decide where to place buttons and information so that visitors can easily navigate the website. Consider the maintenance of the site and implement a design that is easy to manage in the future. Finally, think about the best ways to incorporate SEO, or search engine optimization, so that the website is easily accessed through Internet searches.

What is bandwidth?

In web hosting, bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred to webhosting accounts and back again. This data includes images and files that visitors load, email messages sent and received from the domain, and files transferred to and from the domain through an FTP service. Bandwidth is an important aspect to consider when choosing web hosting, as it can effect the overall performance of a website.

What is the DNS?

The DNS, or domain name system, is a global addressing system used in web design and hosting. When a user types a URL into their browser, that URL acts as a unique alias for Internet Protocol (IP) addresses within the DNS, pointing them to a specific point on the Internet.