Create a Better Breakfast by Choosing the Right Waffle Maker

Waffles are fun to eat and making them can be just as enjoyable. Gone are the days of the hot and heavy iron beasts. You can now make waffles using a variety of methods and designs with a modern waffle machine on eBay.

Types of waffle makers

A standard waffle maker plugs into the wall and sits horizontally on the counter. If you want to save counter space, you can select a vertical waffle maker that stands up. You can also pick a mini Belgian waffle maker that takes up very little space and cooks evenly on both sides. Some waffle machines have plates that switch out to make paninis or pancakes. Some eBay waffle irons are nonstick while others require a spritz of cooking oil. Ceramic waffle makers are the most nonstick of all. You can also purchase a double waffle maker that makes two waffles at once. Some waffle machines have plates that come out for easy cleaning. Others have wells or trays to stop waffle overflow. You can still get an old-fashioned stovetop waffle maker.

What types of waffles can you make?

Once upon a time, you could choose between classic flatter waffles, such as from the Waffle House waffle makers on eBay, and Belgian waffles with deep pockets. These days, eBay offers a host of waffle makers to choose from. You can buy a bubble waffle maker, a heart waffle maker, a pumpkin waffle maker, or a Mickey Mouse waffle maker. Fashion has entered the world of waffles with the Louis Vuitton waffle maker for sale. Cars and trucks are represented with the Ford waffle makers and Volvo waffle irons, featuring the famous logos. You can even make waffle bowls and waffles that look like fish. The Volvo waffle maker is a particularly popular choice, and even the luxury Louis Vuitton waffle maker costs less on eBay than other places.

What features should you look for in waffle makers on eBay?
  • Number of waffles - Waffle makers can make one, two, or more waffles at the same time.
  • Cleans easily - Features that help with cleaning are removable plates, nonstick plates, or drip trays.
  • Indicator lights and sounds - You want a warning of some sort when the waffle is done.
  • Stores easily - Ensure that the eBay waffle maker you choose fits the space you keep it in. Look for cord hiders and latches.
  • Speed - You want an eBay waffle iron with a convenient time to heat, cook, and reheat to make more.
  • Adjustable temperature and even browning - The waffle maker can make extra light waffles for one person and medium-dark and crispy for the next.