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Take Charge of Your Personal Security With Vipertek Stun Guns

When you must go out alone in unfamiliar areas, a Vipertek stun gun can help you feel more at ease knowing you have a nonlethal method of self-defense. Discreet and portable, they can deliver a surprising jolt of electricity to an attacker. Here is everything you need to know about shopping for a new Vipertek personal security stun gun on eBay.

How do you choose the right Vipertek product?

Vipertek makes a wide assortment of stun gun products. Look for features that meet your needs and comfort level when shopping for stun guns on eBay. Consider the following to help you when you're making a purchase:

  • Size - One of the first things you should do is to make sure the device will fit comfortably in your hand. Check dimensions and compare them to your grip. See the manufacturer site for details. Most are fairly small and compact, with Vipertek stun gun models for sale ranging from rounded to somewhat boxy.
  • Voltage - Understand the voltage rating of the stun guns you are looking at. While the ratings of 50 billion to more than 70 billion volts may seem excessive, these are normal numbers for stun guns. Devices in this range should be capable of producing pain-inducing charges to help stop an attacker.
  • Color - Fun colors can help personalize your protection and add some personality to your less than lethal device by choosing a fun color for its case. Besides the basic black cases, you might find colors like pink, red, blue, green, silver, and purple.
Light up your surroundings with a built-in flashlight

You don't have to move around in the darkness. Many stun guns, like the VIPERTEK VTS-881 micro mini stun gun with LED flashlight, may contain a flashlight to help you illuminate any dark corners or alleys. A flashlight can also help because you already have your Vipertek stun gun in your hand in an uncomfortable situation. Some, like the VIPERTEK VTS-T03 stun gun and LED flashlight, even look like a traditional flashlight so you can be extra discreet when carrying it.

Are there Vipertek accessories for stun guns?

There are some accessories that can help make carrying or using your stun gun easier. The most common ones are holsters for attaching your Vipertek stun gun to your belt or a wrist lock to help keep it sure in your hand while carrying it. Many of the models on eBay have stun gun holsters or a Vipertek case included with them.

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