Enjoy Nostalgia and Old-Style Imagery With Vintage Movie Projectors

You might remember your school days when the teacher brought in the projector to show movies to your class, and you thought how nice it would be to have one for yourself. If you still feel that way, you may feel that the available digital models can't give you the nostalgia and sound effects that a vintage projector can. Fortunately, you can find vintage projectors and screens for sale on eBay that work great and offer an array of features. What are some of the different types of vintage projectors for sale? These are the main types of vintage projectors for sale:
  • 8mm - This is the smallest size frame you can get. Many consumers purchased this size projector in its day.
  • Super 8mm - The super 8mm frame size is slightly bigger than 8mm, so projectors in this size have clearer images than regular 8mm.
  • 16mm - For double the clarity in your image, go with 16mm, which is double 8mm.
  • 35mm - Movie theaters and other professionals used this size projector. The image projection is much clearer and more stunning than the other models.
  • Slide - Slide projectors were popular ways to project still photos. You can find them principally in a 35mm format.
What to look for when buying an old projector Listed below are three of the important characteristics to consider when buying an old projector.
  • Age - As a collector, you may be interested in some of the older model projectors, which date back to the 1940s. There are also some unique projectors that might fit in your collection.
  • Condition - Old movie projectors are for sale in a variety of conditions. There are no brand-new ones; however, you can find brand-new parts. You can also purchase like-new projectors and ones that work great. If you like tinkering with projectors, then many models are sold as fixer-uppers or for parts only.
  • Accessories - Some of these old-fashioned projectors come with handy accessories such as speakers or a case. You'll also find some with screens, which are also sold separately.
Which companies produced vintage projectors? These three companies produced many of the old movie projectors for sale:
  • Argus - Argus was a prolific maker of projectors in all the major formats.
  • Kodak - Kodak projectors were the most popular consumer projectors, especially their slide projectors.
  • Chinon - Chinon was a camera manufacturer that made its fair share of projectors in all frame sizes.