Vintage Fishing Equipment

Vintage Fishing Equipment

Fishing reels, lures, poles, sonars, communications, and other fishing equipment manufacturers continue to keep making significant changes to these equipment as each generation grows up to learn and appreciate fishing activities. At the same time, the vintage fishing lures, antique reels, and even the old style tackle box are all making significant comebacks, with a number of companies out in the marketplace featuring these items.

What are some vintage Heddon goods?

Heddon features a very wide variety of merchandise spanning many of the needs of the fisherman. Among the vast array of Heddon products out on the market, consumers can find casting and fly rods, catalogs, tackle boxes, lures for fresh and salt water fish, as well as lures designed for specific fish species, among many more intriguing items.

What are some distinctive characteristics of Creek Chub lures?

The great majority of the Creek Chub line come with multiple hooks, usually two or three, very common in their solid one-piece and jointed lures. Many are available in uncatalogued color, giving them a distinctive look in the tackle box. Some lures come with glass eyes, very favorable in both saltwater and freshwater angling for many species.

What are some materials used in fishing creel composition?

One of the more common ones is made with natural wicker with leather straps, though other materials are used for the creel composition as well. Some come in nylon with or without plastic removable liners. Though not Seen nearly as often, there are some creels made with polychrome, Flax/linen, Brown Ash, birchbark, and other materials. Copper lining can also be another material found in some model's lining.

What are some types of vintage reels?

Vintage reels come from every era from a number of longstanding and highly respected manufacturers. The variety of options include spinning, fly, level winding, casting, and deep sea reels among others.

What type of products does Pflueger feature?

The company offers a wide variety of distinctive, classic lures as well as reels ideally suited for fly, freshwater, and saltwater fishing. You may also enjoy picking up a book on Pflueger Baitcasting Reels, available in three volumes. The third and final volume, by Robert A. Miller, is considered to be a good option for everyone from the beginner to seasoned veteran. This edition is fully illustrated, with the history of virtually every baitcasting rig featured throughout the years as well as photos of variations of each model.

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