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What Are Some Popular Vintage Clothing Eras?

The Flapper, Swing, and Hippie eras are among the most popular vintage clothing periods. Flapper fashions feature styles from the Roaring Twenties and include knee-length dresses with plenty of fringe and beads. Swing fashions hail from the 1940s, when halter tops, flared skirts, and pastel sweaters were all the rage. The Hippie era covers the 1960s and 1970s and features bell bottom jeans, denim jackets, and flowing paisley skirts.

What Are Some Tips For Starting A Vintage Fashion Collection?

Decide on an era and appealing styles before shopping for items. Keep in mind that sizes for authentic vintage clothing probably differ from modern sizes. Vintage number sizes for women are typically at least double. In other words, a woman who wears a modern 10 would probably wear somewhere around a 20 in vintage clothing. It is also important to complete vintage collections with vintage jewelry, scarves, shoes, and other accessories for an authentic look.

What Is Vintage-inspired Clothing?

Vintage-inspired pieces are modern recreations of vintage styles. For example, modern manufacturers produce flapper dresses and poodle skirts that look like they were made decades ago. Vintage-inspired clothing is easier to size, as it features current sizing standards, and pieces might also be less expensive. The items also do not usually require special care.

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