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Fine tune your car with vintage vehicle radios

Create a retro look with a vintage radio to complete your car. On eBay, you'll find an extensive range of vintage vehicle radios that will ensure you can replace malfunctioning models, renovate older cars with authentic parts or install a retro radio in your new car for a touch of retro style. 

There are vintage radios available that can be used in a wide variety of vehicles. However, it's vital that all buyers ensure that their vehicle audio technology is compatible with their specific make, model and year of their car. 

Make your car look and sound better

Whether you're looking for a radio that's been pulled from an old Jaguar or a vintage Ford Escort, or you want a classic Sony radio or a Hitachi, you're sure to find something to go with your vehicle. Available with various built-in features, including radio, CD and cassette vintage radios, buyers can find a model that best suits their needs and preferences. If you want to go old-school, simple radio units are also available. However, you will also find newer units that boast CD technology and excellent multi-functionality. 

Listen to your favourite radio shows

You'll find a selection of vintage radios that are ideal for those who appreciate the unique aesthetics of previous decades. Whereas most modern units utilise digital connections, vintage radios typically only feature radio, CD or cassette tape compatibility. 

They also use classic designs to control the radio system. This lends these car radios a satisfying weight and heft that's no longer found in modern electronics. Sliding tuning bars are also a popular feature of many vintage radios. If you want to journey back and experience radio as was intended, vintage radios are the only way to do so. Make sure your vintage vehicle is equipped with a stylish, fully functional radio.