Choosing the Right Axe Head for You on eBay

Since your interest in old axe heads for sale led you to eBay, explore this short guide for what you need to know about selecting one. Vintage axe heads represent the heart of good solid history for a tool collector, and you can find a variety of axe heads to suit your needs on eBay.

Tips on selecting axe heads

As tool collectors realize, axe heads remain highly desirable due to their longevity. Long after a handle has fallen from its place, the head continues to provide use. You'll want to distinguish between those for a single bit, double bit, trapper's, cruiser's, ice axe, and broad axe. It's handy to know that the broad axe's chisel edge and recurved handle differentiate it from any other axe, and as with any vintage item, condition is paramount to selecting well.

  • Excellent condition means that the axe head retains its edge for immediate use if that were required. There is no rust and the slot is perfectly milled so that a handle may be inserted. Any stamps are completely legible and there may even be a tinge of bluing left on the metal.
  • Fine condition means that the metal exhibits a small amount of rust and scratches from its light use. The slot is clean, but the edge may require sharpening.
  • Good condition means that any axe heads for sale show heavier use. The axe head retains square butt edges with no chipping, and the rust is easily removed. The slot may have a remnant of wood in it from a broken handle.
  • Fair or as is condition means that vintage axe heads display a nick in the edge, a burred slot requiring filing, and considerable rust. However, any maker's stamped logo or printing remains legible.
Specialized old axe heads

The Chopper1 brand of mechanical axe provides both chopping and splitting at once, which uses levers that swing out at the downward chop to explode the wood from the inside. You may also enjoy the German brand Ochsenkopf and the Swedish brand Hults Bruk available on eBay for an international flavor.

Are there many axe head brands to select from?

Plumb remains a benchmark of axes since 1869, and its manufacturer's mark of the name Plumb in a frame with the model number above make it easy to recognize. Other brands include Fiskars, True Temper, Power Kraft, Stanley, Craftsman, Stiletto, and Union Tool Company.

Are there inexpensive fireman's axes heads available on eBay?

Yes. The iconic True Temper Kelly Standard Kelly Works axe head is available with stamped printing fully legible.