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Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Video Game Consoles

Video Game ConsolesFrom the first video game ever, Pong, to the latest and greatest in virtual reality, video game consoles have been pushing the boundaries of technology for decades, striving to provide players with a more realistic, more immersive, more enthralling gaming experience. Whether the retro games are enough to whet your appetite, or you need the best in graphics and processing capabilities to keep you satisfied, there's a video game console out there for you that is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment.

Old or New?

For gamers who remember playing Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the retro games might be the way to go. Older systems include the Atari, IntelliVision, ColecoVision, and the Odyssey. These systems are as original as it gets and are for those true old-school gamers out there. Gamers who are drawn more to the latest and greatest may get a better kick out of one of the next generation systems from one of the three leaders in the video game industry: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

Somewhere in Between?

If you want something a little more exciting than the retro systems, but still want the cost-savings associated with older games, why not try one of the older iterations of the current systems? Play an exciting battle royal Super Smash Bros. tournament on the Nintendo 64, run wild as Crash Bandicoot on the PlayStation 1, or play the original Halo title on the Xbox. If you like Nintendo, you can choose from the Super Nintendo, the N64, the Wii, or one of the handheld systems. Sony fans can choose from one of the PlayStation consoles, and likewise, Microsoft fans can pick one of the Xbox systems.

Stay or Go

As video game consoles progressed, numerous handheld iterations hit the market. You can purchase these handheld systems from your favorite console manufacturer and play your favorite games on the go. While handheld games were once quite simple, they have become more and more advanced as the technology that powers them has improved.

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