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Victoria's Secret Gift Cards

Victorias Secret Gift Cards

Victorias Secret designs and produces lingerie, pajamas, cosmetics, and more. With gift cards, you can buy a variety of different items from Victorias Secret, including those from the PINK line and the Victoria sport line. Here is some information about the gift cards and different types of products offered by Victorias Secret to help you understand your options.

What is a Victoria’s Secret gift card valid for?

You can choose to use a Victoria’s Secret card to purchase any of their products. You can also accumulate rewards points with your purchases. This includes:

  • Lingerie: A variety of styles of bras and panties can be found at Victoria’s Secret.
  • Pajamas: Nightgowns, robes, and lounge wear can be purchased with these gift cards.
  • Cosmetics: Numerous types of cosmetics ranging from lipsticks and lipbalms to body lotions and fragrances are available to buy using these gift cards.
  • PINK: The PINK line offers everything from bras and panties to hoodies and T-shirts.
Can your gift cards be gifted to someone else?

Yes. Whether you purchase gift cards or you receive one from someone else, you can give it to anyone. No name is imprinted on it, so that means you can give it to someone else, just like you could give them money. The value can be used at any time for their apparel, cosmetics, and more.

Can the gift cards be used online?

Yes. Regardless of where your gift card was purchased, you have the ability to use it online at the Victoria’s Secret website. This means that you can buy bras, panties, pajamas, perfume, or anything else that is available in the online store. You can combine your gift cards with other funds, too, in the event you don’t have enough on your card to cover the entire amount.

Is it possible to check the balance?

There are several ways to check the amount remaining on gift cards. This makes it easier to know in advance how much you have left to spend before you start your shopping in a store or online.

  • Check online: Simply visit the website shown on the back of the card. Enter the gift card number and the pin number.
  • Call by phone: Use the phone number on the back to find out the amount remaining by entering in the gift card number.
  • In store: A cashier will be able to swipe the gift card and find out the remaining balance on it for you.
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