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What You Need to Know About Verizon Unlocked Cell Phones and Smartphones

eBay makes it easy to shop for inexpensive unlocked Verizon cell phones and smartphones. Whether you're looking for an iPhone, an Android like Samsung Galaxy, or another device, you're sure to find plenty of excellent choices here.

What network can you use with your mobile phone?

The two networks that most U.S. cell phones operate on are CDMA and GSM. Verizon operates on the CDMA network, while companies like AT&T and T-Mobile use the GSM network. Many mobile devices are compatible with both networks, allowing you to take advantage of the bring-your-own-phone service plans offered by the carrier of your choice. Before making a purchase, check with the service provider to make sure your device is compatible.

What does unlocked mean?

Unlocked simply means the cell phone or smartphone isn?t tied to a specific provider or contract. It?s ready to accept a SIM card from a different cell phone provider. This gives you the flexibility to use a Verizon phone under a different provider like Straight Talk just by inserting that provider's card into the device and then going through the activation steps that follow.

How do you activate your unlocked iPhone with another carrier?

Here are three easy steps to activate your unlocked phone:

  1. One: First, you will want to contact the provider you would like to switch to. You can go to their website to confirm compatibility or call their customer service number.
  2. Two: Once it?s determined that your iPhone is compatible, that carrier will issue a SIM card number for your phone.
  3. Three: Use this card number during the activation process to gain access to their service.
How do you know if your Samsung Galaxy is unlocked?

If your Samsung phone is paid off and not under an existing contract, it should be good to go with a new SIM card from a different provider. You can confirm this either by contacting your current provider or by checking with the carrier you would like to switch to. The company will be able to let you know if your phone is unlocked by pulling up its IMEI or MEID number, which is a unique device identifier.

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