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A Guide to Vera Bradley Wallets for Women

If you are in need or want of a new wallet, Vera Bradley has plenty of choices to make you crave two, or more than a few. Since its founding in 1982 by a couple of friends who sadly observed how boring luggage was and determined to make airports more colorful, Vera Bradley has spun off enough imaginative prints and designs to fill airports around the world. Whichever type of wallet you prefer to hold your passport, cash, and credit cards, the company will oblige with a plethora of prints, a potpourri of paisleys, a garden of florals, and enough pattern-free basics to satisfy any purist.

What types of traditional wallets are available?

You can find a selection of new and used Vera Bradley wallets for women on eBay in bifold, trifold, clasp, and zipper styles. You can choose styles on eBay such as zip-around, organizers, those meant to hold checkbooks, or those primarily meant to hold credit cards. If you are looking for old-school photo holders, you can find those as well. Fabrics include leather, microfiber, and cloth fabric in the pretty patterns the company built its fan base around.

Crossbody, all-in-one, wallet wristlets, and other accessories

Depending on how you like to organize your IDs and money, you might prefer to go big or small. A crossbody all-in-one can take the place of a handbag or briefcase if you are willing to downsize. For the real downsizers, a wristlet wallet can keep you on the go without weighing you down.

Safety features to protect what is in your wallet

Clasp mechanisms such as turnlock wallets doubled with zipper closings keep your necessities safe. For extra protection from credit card skimmers, many Vera Bradley wallet designs have RFID (radio frequency identification) features.

What types of decorative patterns are available?

Vera Bradley's swirling, quilted patterns are part of its trademark. An ever-changing array of floral bursts, paisley swirls, geometric designs, cats or dogs or owls, or even college sports logos will personalize your Vera Bradley wallet when you find the pattern that expresses you at any given moment. Discontinued patterns often are available on eBay, so if you missed one, you might get a second chance. You may even find a particular type of selection being offered, so you can indulge your ever-changing passion for fashion. If you are a purist, plenty of Vera Bradley wallets on sale are in leather, cloth, or microfiber in basic black. Other basics such as off-white or red can also be available, so you can find something perfect to accessorize any outfit.

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