Ventless Hoods

Enhance Your Kitchen with a Ventless Hood

If you cook often, you'll likely be creating a lot of vapors in your kitchen, and you'll need to remove them to keep the air clean and fresh. Ventless hoods have a convenient design because they can be installed without having to modify the roof or wall. There's a wide selection of new and used ventless hoods available on eBay.

What different sizes of ventless hoods are available?

Just as ranges come in many different sizes, there is also a wide range of ventless range hood sizes. You'll need something that covers the entire area above your stovetop so that all the vapors and emissions can be addressed. Measure the width of your stove in case you're not sure how big it is. Typical sizes include:

  • 24 inches
  • 36 inches
  • 42 inches
  • 48 inches

The 42-inch and 48-inch sizes may be most appropriate in commercial settings. Commercial ventless hoods may or may not come with fire suppression. This means that you can also hook it up to a wet chemical system that can be activated in case of fire.

What types of features make range hoods user-friendly?

When you have a ventless hood, you can appreciate when it comes with easy-to-use features. You might find a/an:

  • Early warning system: This would indicate when it's time to replace your filters.
  • Interlock system: With this in place, the hood can't be operated if a filter is not correctly installed.
Are there guidelines or ratings that hoods must meet?

Some ventless hoods, especially commercial hoods, are Certified Type 1 compliant, meaning that they can be used in kitchens that have griddles, ranges, and fires. Local codes typically require full-scale commercial kitchens to have Type 1 hoods. Ventless Type 1 range hoods will likely be more expensive. If you're only using your hood at home, you can find cheap ventless hoods that are of the Type II category, which can be used with non-grease producing appliances.

Other ways to categorize ductless range hoods

As you look at eBay for new or pre-owned ventless stove hoods, you may come across the terms CFM and dB or sones. CFM indicates the speed at which a hood can replace air. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, and home cooks may only need a ventless exhaust hood rated at 200 CFM. More powerful stovetops may require hoods rated at 450 CFM or higher. Commercial exhaust hoods may need to be significantly greater than this level. The trade-off when increasing CFMs is that the hoods often get louder. Some people prefer very quiet exhaust hoods, which may be at or lower than 8 sones or 58 decibels. In contrast, many people looking for commercial kitchen hoods prefer efficiency instead.