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Whether you're moving and need a car trailer to tow your vehicle, going on vacation and want to take your boat or other watercraft, or taking your prize-winning mare to a race and need a horse trailer, you will need just the right heavy-duty trailer for the task. eBay offers numerous types suited to every purpose in conditions ranging from new to used, so you and your stuff will be behind the wheel and on the road in no time.

What Are Some Types?

These aren't just categorized by what you can haul in or on it. In fact, there are a few ways to distinguish different types of trailers; one way is by the type of hitch the trailer uses to connect your car or truck to the trailer itself.

  • Purchase new or pre-owned gooseneck trailers in order to haul a heavier than normal load. The name gooseneck comes from the way the hitch looks, which is elongated and tall to meet the bed of your truck comfortably, and it fits over the axle as opposed to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Opt for a bumper pull car hauler when you need to move something that's under 10,000 pounds. These types of trailers are more affordable than larger types of car haulers, and you won't need any type of special license to use one. You may see the term bumper pull used interchangeably with drag trailers. These fit onto the rear of your vehicle.
  • Another type to think about is a conventional trailer. This all-purpose car trailer can pull just about anything you need it to, including lighter things like shipping boxes, motorcycles, and ATVs. They have a ball-hitch connection.
Choosing the Right Trailer

There are several factors that go along with selecting the right travel trailer. When you have a specific purpose in mind, such as requiring a motorcycle trailer, a commercial truck trailer, or a cargo and utility trailer, it becomes simpler to select the right model. If budget is a consideration, opt for a used or pre-owned model for an affordable alternative to a new option.

  • Think about how long you want your car hauler. Lengths vary widely, from shorter options that are under 10 feet in length to longer models that top 15 to 25 feet. Another consideration is capacity; when you're hauling heavy cargo, the weight capacity of the car trailer or other kind is essential to consider, as this varies from 1,000 to over 3,000 pounds.
  • Do you have a specific brand in mind? Brands vary in price according to size and features, but some well-known models to consider include Featherlite, Diamond Cargo, and Haulmark. Other makes and models are a 2018 Aluma with a handy ramp, an enclosed ATC, or a Utility flatbed option.
  • Do you require an enclosed car hauler or just a flatbed model? Although an enclosed version will cost more, it prevents theft as you can lock it, and you may not have to use tie-down supplies to keep your belongings or vehicles from sliding during transport.
What Features Do Car Trailers Offer?

Features may be of more importance than the type or brand of hauler. In that case, there are numerous features that may make using a utility trailer more convenient.

  • Ramps allow you to use the tires to roll motorcycles or ATVs down and out of a loader with ease and move them back up the same way. This makes cargo trailers simple to use.
  • Aluminum models are lightweight and durable, making them a solid choice.
  • LED lights ensure safety when towing at nighttime.

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