VIAIR Automotive Air Compressors

VIAIR Automotive Air Compressors

VIAIR is a compressor manufacturing company that produces quality air compressors. Automotive air compressors come in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. You can purchase VIAIR portable compressors as well as on-board air systems and various compressor kits.

What does VIAIR manufacture?

The brand makes a wide range of products, such as onboard air systems that provide air solutions to a wide range of problems. VIAIR also makes portable compressors and tire inflators as well as accessories such as air filters, hoses, and gauges.

What does an air compressor do?

An air compressor is an instrument that uses a power source like a motor or engine to obtain energy through compressed air. There are many ways to do this, but compressors force continuous air into a tank, which increases the pressure. When it reaches its limits, the energy that’s created is contained and then utilized.

Compressors are usually categorized according to the pressure they can deliver. The categories are as follows:

  • Low-pressure: These compressors discharge up to 150 psi. They are also known as LPACs.
  • Medium-pressure: These discharge between 150 and 1,000 psi.
  • High-pressure: These discharge more than 1,000 psi. They are also known as HPACs.
What can you use compressors for?

You can use various models of air compressors for many things. They can be large and stationary or small and portable. There are many variations that are specific to a certain duty. Compressors can be used to fill tires, to power pneumatic tools, in industrial processes, for cleaning purposes, and more. They can also fill gas cylinders and supply air pressure to a diver.

What types of compressors does VIAIR make?

VIAIR makes many models of compressors across a wide range of categories. Some of the options include:

  • Onboard systems: This category consists of complete pneumatic systems and models that are designed to accomplish an array of tasks. They typically come as complete kits with parts and accessories to help with most jobs. These are meant to be installed on a fixed location on the vehicle, and they can be made of heavy-duty materials. They have a maximum working psi of around 150.
  • Industrial grade: This category isn’t necessarily for little jobs on the car, but it still has many models that can be used for automotive applications. These models are heavy duty and designed to fill reservoir tanks. They have a maximum working psi of 150.
  • Portable air compressors: This category contains compressors and tire inflators. The models come in a variety of sizes, with features like stainless steel materials and specialized car kits. Smaller compressors in this category have a maximum working psi of 50 while larger models have a maximum working pressure of 150 psi.