Veto Pro Pac

Veto Pro Pac creates functional totes and tool bags for a variety of purposes. Whether you are looking for a tool pouch, carrying bag, or a tool-toting bag, Veto has it all. You can find any type of bag for any type of tool storage.

What is Veto Pro Pac?

Veto Pro Pac is a tool bag company that manufactures bags, equipment, and products that are designed for heavy-duty construction. Each Pro Pac bag is expected to not only protect your tools but also minimize your time and frustration on the job. They create a wide array of products in many sizes, with many different tool bag functions.

What are the different types of Veto products?

Veto Pro Pac products come in a variety of categories. You can choose from a wide range of sizes from small pocket bags to medium-sized totes and large tool bags. Each tool bag is designed to suit all of your tool storage needs. Each product is waterproof and made of materials that are durable and long-lasting.

You can find a bag in the Tech Series to tote all types of testers, gauges, meters, and hand tools. They come in a variety of sizes; some models can fit just over your pocket, while others come in backpack or cargo tote options. You can find these in camouflage or plain designs. Veto's line of tool bags are designed to make carrying your work tools easier. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and types.

The M-Series features closed and open top tool bags that boast hard bottoms and easy-to-lift handles. Each tool bag in the M-Series holds a variety of tools and features an endless array of zippers and compartments. Their Contractor Series features both open and closed top tool bags which are designed to carry a wide range of tools for contractors or construction workers.

Veto Pro Pac's Camo/Outdoor line features an assortment of tool bags designed for the great outdoors. Some may be small enough to fit over your pocket, while others can be placed into other bags or worn as backpacks. Each tool bag in this line has numerous pockets and zippers and is ruggedly designed to hold and protect all your personal items in the harshest of conditions.

They also make a line of laptop and tablet totes and bags, which are waterproof and designed to not only protect your electronic device, but also any other wires or components that come with it. They also offer a variety of cargo totes, with each bag containing specialized pockets to organize all of your larger tools. Tool pouches are also available, which can be attached to an inanimate object, your belt, or your pocket.

What are the Pro Pacs designed for?

Each tool bag in the Pro Pac line is meant to protect and secure any tool you have, and is designed to meet the needs of contractors, construction workers and the avid outdoorsmen. You can use your bag for work, play, or on outdoor adventures. Whatever your needs are, Veto Pro Pac is made of supreme materials suited to make this your only tool bag for years to come.

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