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American cosmetics company, Urban Decay, is headquartered in Newport Beach, California, and is a subsidiary of L'Oreal. Known for their Naked palette lines and cruelty-free production, Urban Decay appeals to a younger audience with products designed to be youthful and long-lasting. Urban Decay manufactures beauty products that are widely available, including setting sprays, lipsticks, and other makeup.

What is Urban Decay's Naked Line?

In 2010, Urban Decay launched the first Naked eyeshadow palette. It began an industry-wide change in how beauty companies packaged their products. Until that point, beauty fans had to buy expensive individual shades. With the release of the palette, beauty enthusiasts were able to purchase a 12-color palette. A following developed and grew as subsequent palettes were released and the line continued to be a favorite among makeup artists and beauty fans.

Are Urban Decay products cruelty-free?

Urban Decay's products are cruelty-free, meaning they don't test any of their products or their ingredients on animals. They are PETA-certified, which means they have either signed PETA's statement of assurance or they have provided an official statement that they don't conduct or commission any animal testing and have no plans to change their practices in the future.

Are Urban Decay products vegan?

In addition to being certified cruelty-free, Urban Decay has a line of vegan products that don't contain animal or animal-derived ingredients including albumen, beeswax, carmine, cholesterol, collagen, gelatin, honey, lanolin, and more. Their vegan line of makeup includes concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, face powder, and foundation along with a variety of vegan makeup brushes for every technique.

What are Urban Decay setting sprays?

Setting spray for makeup is used to make the cosmetics last longer. Unlike primers, which are applied to the face before the rest of your makeup, setting spray is used after you've applied all of your other cosmetics like foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lipstick. The product is applied lightly and evenly. Setting spray is designed to be transparent and doesn't change the colors or appearance of the cosmetics it's meant to preserve.

The application of this brand is similar to that of fragrances or hairspray, and it's the finishing touch to your cosmetic preparation. Once your makeup is applied, holding the bottle at arm's length, apply using only a few pumps. Allow it to air dry and don't try to rub it into your skin.

What types of makeup kits does Urban Decay produce?

Urban Decay releases several collections, or kits, of eyeshadow colors, highlighter sets, eyeliner and mascara sets, lip colors, and more. Following the Naked palettes, variations of it were also made available like Heat, Petite Heat, and the Vice lipstick line.

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