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What To Know Before Shopping for Unlocked Apple iPhone 7 128 GB Phones

The iPhone 7 was released in September of 2016 and offered features and technical specifications that have never been seen before in a smartphone. The phone's new look and feel can be found on eBay in various versions, and you can buy unlocked Apple iPhone 7 smartphones as well.

Benefits of an unlocked phone

If you are looking to buy a reasonably priced unlocked 128 GB Apple iPhone 7, you may not be familiar with what it means when an iPhone is unlocked. An unlocked phone is not linked directly to any specific cell phone service provider like other smartphones. This gives the smartphone versatility to bounce from network to network with ease, providing the following benefits.

  • Range - Now you can get service in places you never could before because the phone can just connect to any provider to get your service in remote areas where it wasn't possible in the past.
  • International - A new, unlocked Apple iPhone 7 makes using your phone internationally easier and negates the possibility of having to purchase a second cell phone while traveling.
  • No contract - You don't have to sign a monthly contract with a cell phone company with an unlocked phone. You just pay their rates while you are using their service at that time.
  • Applications - Unlocked phones also provide versatility when it comes to accessing a variety of different app stores, increasing the number of applications compatible with your phone.
What does refurbished mean?

A refurbished phone is a 128 GB Apple iPhone 7 phone that was previously used but has been restored to factory specifications by a certified technician. This means they can be more reliable than other used phones. Purchasing a refurbished phone is designed to give you a like-new smartphone at a lower price.

Features of the Apple iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 128 GB smartphone was designed with a multitude of improvements over past models of the phone. You will find online unlocked Apple iPhone 7 128 GB models with these new features.

  • New colors - It's available in four colors, including Black, Jet Black, Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. There is no Space Gray option on the iPhone 7.
  • ForceTouch - ForceTouch technology moved over from the iPad to this phone thanks to the new home button design.
  • Camera - The camera has been upgraded in nearly every way.
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