Unisex Fragrances

Unisex Fragrances

The perfect scent is a very individual choice, but when you find the right fragrance for you, it can make an unmistakable fashion statement. You now have access to an array of unisex fragrances that do not stick to the traditional flowery and fruity for women and musky or spicy for men. Perfume brands are making scents with rich and powerful characteristics that range from woody to fresh without being strictly masculine or feminine .

What are the oils used in unisex perfumes?

Manufacturers combine natural and synthetic raw materials to come up with their signature scents. When buying a fragrance, these are some of the ingredients to look out for.

  • Neroli – This essential oil is an extract of a bitter orange tree that has a citrus smell and hints of metal and spice. It is a bit honeyed with floral accents.
  • Pine – Pine essential oil is used for its woody and spicy scent, largely in a scent's base notes. The variety of the species gives numerous pine variations for manufacturers to include in their fragrances.
  • Black pepper – This oil has a spicy and woodsy musk with the slightest hint of floral. The peppery property adds warmth to the perfume. It blends well with ginger, sandalwood, citrus, and rosemary.
  • White widow – This essential oil is characterized by a strong, earthy musk fragrance with sugary undertones.
How do you differentiate linear and nonlinear fragrances?

Unisex perfume can be categorized as linear or nonlinear, and a buyer should understand what this means before making a selection. A linear unisex perfume is one that maintains a single scent throughout the time you have it on. On the other hand, nonlinear cologne is made with different base aromas. It has scents that are intended to transition throughout the day.

How do you apply unisex fragrance?

The application formula determines how it smells on a person because everyone's skin reacts differently to the ingredients. Start by picking two or three areas to apply the perfume. The recommended body parts are below the jaw, on the sides of the neck, wrists, forearm, inner elbow, and shoulders. Some regions like the neck, shoulders, and armpits have higher temperatures than others and are suitable parts to begin the application so that the aroma can travel to the cooler areas.

Cologne should be put on dry skin for maximum effect. Rubbing the oil on the skin will break down its molecular composition and interfere with the aromas, so it should be avoided. The blend of ingredients in a unisex fragrance is meant to interact with natural body oils to give out the different base notes. Spraying on clothes will not have the same effect.