US Military Modular Sleep Systems

Take Cover and Stay Warm With a US Military Modular Sleep System

Camp during any season with a US military issued modular sleep system. These 4-piece or 5-piece sleeping systems include all you need for a good night of sleep, no matter how cold it gets. You can find a large selection of these US military modular sleep systems at affordable prices when you shop on eBay. 

What is included with a US military modular sleep system? 

Most of these sleeping bag systems come with four pieces, including a cold weather sleeping bag, a warm weather sleeping bag, a bivy cover, and a compression stuff sack. The warm weather sleeping bag is rated to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and the cold weather sleeping bag is rated to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. They can all be used separately in warmer conditions or together when it's colder. When not in use or when transporting your system, the stuff sack keeps everything in one place. 

Cover your sleeping bag with a bivy 

A bivy is essentially a cover for your sleeping bags. Since it is made from Gortex and is waterproof, it protects you from the elements while sleeping outside. It has heat-sealed seams to prevent moisture from leaking through. You can attach it to either sleeping bag, or you can use it simply as a mat to lie down on. It has both a snap and a slide fastener. 

Features of this US military sleep system 

The sleeping bags are slightly different in that the cold weather bag has extra fill in the foot box to keep your feet warm. It also has a built-in quilted chest collar to keep drafts from the hood out. The warm weather bag completely unzips and allows for ventilation from either end of the bag. The stuff sack is made of waterproof materials to keep your bags and bivy dry while transporting them. It can compress to one cubic foot and has external nylon webbing straps for extra gear. Some features common to both sleeping bags include the following:  

  • Mummy-style sleeping bags
  • Adjustable hoods to retain heat
  • Self-repairing slide fasteners

Are these sleeping systems new? 

You can find a selection of new sleeping systems and used sleeping systems in various conditions. Used sleeping may require some TLC, but they are often cheaper than purchasing a brand-new system. Shopping on eBay ensures you will find the US military modular sleep system you need at an affordable price. 

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