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UGG Australia Boots for Men

Available in a variety of styles and colors, UGG boots are made of materials that are designed to stand up to use in many climates. The Treadlite outsoles on UGG men's boots have 25% more cushioning, 20% more traction, and 16% more durability than traditional EVA outsoles.

What styles of UGG boots are available for men?

Men may wear boots for a variety of purposes, so UGG offers different styles from which to choose. Available in various silhouettes, UGG boots are created with materials such as leather, nubuck, suede, and sheepskin. Some styles are available with HyperWeave knit, canvas, or HyperWool knit.

What should you consider when buying boots?

  • Butte: The Butte cold-weather boot is waterproof with a rugged Vibram outsole and wool lining to withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees C.
  • Classic: Known for craftsmanship, softness, and durability, the Classic boot boasts Twinface sheepskin to keep feet warm and wick away moisture.
  • All-weather: The all-weather styles have a waterproof outsole, wool lining, and foam insole for durability in all weather conditions.
  • Chukka Lace-up Chukkas have a lower shaft that is similar to a shoe while boasting the same quality materials as the other UGG styles.

What's the difference between real and synthetic leather in boots?

While color and appearance are important when choosing the right boots for you, so are the fit and comfort. If you know what style you like, it is important to try them on with the same thickness of socks that you will use when wearing them. This will help you to choose a size that feels good and won't affect your activities. You also want to choose a shaft height that will look good with the clothing you will be wearing. If you don't like how shorter styles that sit around the ankle feel, you may not wish to buy a Chukka style.

Real leather and suede are softer and more flexible than their synthetic counterparts. While synthetic versions may not have such strict requirements in cleaning and care, real leather and suede are more durable and offer more protection from the elements. Depending on wear and climate, synthetic leathers can peel and split. With proper care, real leather products tend to last longer than those made with artificial leather.

Are UGG men's boots available in half sizes?

The sizing options vary between boot styles. Many styles, including the Classic, are not available in half sizes. The Butte and some of the all-weather and Chukka styles are available in half sizes. A few of the Chukka styles are also available in wide widths.