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Mini Cooper Turbocharger Parts

The Mini Cooper is a brand of small cars produced by BMW. The brand includes the Mini Convertible, the Mini Hatch, the Mini Clubman, the Mini Coupe, the Mini Roadster, and the Mini Paceman model. These turbocharger parts are designed to improve the horsepower of your Mini Cooper car.

What is a turbocharger?

The turbocharger is an aftermarket part that boosts the performance of a vehicle. It harnesses the exhaust gas from your Mini Cooper to power a turbine inside of the charger. The turbine spins an air compressor that forces more air and oxygen into the intake manifold and then the cylinders than would otherwise be possible.

The extra oxygen helps to burn more fuel within the internal combustion chamber of the engine. The charger gives you more horsepower and torque without compromising much on drivability and fuel economy. Most turbochargers provide 6 to 8 pounds per square inch of extra air pressure. Anything beyond that might be unsafe for driving.

Turbochargers weigh relatively little, so they will dramatically improve the power-to-weight ratio of your vehicle. In some cases, additional modifications will need to be made to your vehicle to pump more fuel into the combustion chamber to match the increased airflow.

What is a turbocharger used for?

The main reason to install a turbocharger is to upgrade the power of your Mini Cooper. If your vehicle is regularly used for racing, off-road activities, or other high-performance applications, then you may benefit from a charger. Despite its small size, the Mini Cooper is a popular type of racing car used in rally competitions. The charger can be purchased as a standalone unit or as a kit. Depending on the type of kit you use, the charger may come with additional parts such as the manifold, the gasket, and the hoses and lines.

What parts will improve the performance of the turbocharger?

The performance of the turbocharger will depend on the type of charger you buy. Some chargers contain advanced ball bearings that allow the turbine to spin with less friction and accelerate more quickly. Ceramic blades, which are lighter than steel blades, also allow the turbine to accelerate faster to reduce lag time. Most turbochargers come with a wastegate which allows the exhaust to bypass the charger if the pressure gets too high. You should look for chargers that come with these parts installed.

What is an intercooler?

The intercooler is an additional aftermarket part you can purchase that compensates for the extra heat created by the charger. Excessive air temperature can cause damage, knocking, or detonation in the engine and also reduces the effectiveness of the charger since the hot air carries less oxygen to the combustion chamber. The intercooler should be purchased along with a turbocharger if the air temperature of your engine is running hot or you want to maintain peak power.

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