Finding the right motorcycle parts could help make your next project successful. You can also find many Triumph motorcycles as well. Understanding how to find the right motorcycle and parts can be helpful in making a selection.

How do you select Triumph motorcycle parts?
  • Know the model. The manufacturer can change the parts used over time, or different motorcycles may use compatible parts.
  • Select a color. You can choose from a variety of finishes that can match the existing paint on your bike.
  • Select a style. You can choose from stock parts to maintain the original appearance of the motorcycle. There are also performance kits compatible with Triumph motorcycles that can allow you to customize the exhaust, fenders, and other sections of your motorcycle.
  • Select a manufacturer. Some aftermarket companies produce replacement parts for antique motorcycles. Original equipment options are also available but can vary depending on if the part is still produced.
What are some tips for selecting Triumph motorcycles?

Selecting a motorcycle from Triumph can be overwhelming with the different options available. Following these tips can be helpful in the selection process.

  • Select an engine capacity. Triumph manufacturers both twin- and triple-cylinder engines. The CCs (cubic centimeters) will determine how much power and speed the motorcycle will have. Choosing a motorcycle with a larger value of CCs will mean you'll have a bike with more power and speed.
  • Choose a category. Contemporary classics are based on older designs like the Triumph Bonneville. Roadsters are the standard designs and are general-purpose street motorcycles. Other categories include adventure and cruiser designs.
  • Select a color/finish. The fenders, gas tank, and molding/trim will be painted the same color. For the wheels and exhaust, some options will allow for a chrome finish.
What types of parts are available for your Triumph?
  • Original equipment manufacturer - These parts are manufactured by the same factory that produced the original parts installed on your motorcycle. OEM parts are created to the same factory specifications so that the motorcycle can maintain a stock build.
  • Aftermarket companies - Some aftermarket companies will produce OEM standard parts. Aftermarket parts can be built using improved materials and designs, and upgrade kits will generally come from aftermarket manufacturers.
  • Remanufactured parts - Remanufacturers will completely rebuild parts to OEM standards. This involves replacing components such as bearings, pistons, and gaskets.
What is the difference between air- and liquid-cooled motorcycle engines?
  • Air-cooled engines use a series of fins mounted on the cylinders to move heat away from the engine. This style will typically be found on vintage motorcycle designs along with cruisers.
  • Liquid-cooled engines have radiators similar to cars. The radiator is typically installed toward the front of the motorcycle to move the heat away from the rider. These engines distribute coolant throughout the engine to remove the heat produced.
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