Tripods & Camera Stands

Setting a Firm Photographic Foundation

Tripods for camera support and stabilization are standard gear for photographers and videographers. There are camera tripods designed for virtually every situation and device, from the lightweight travel tripod or monopod that can collapse to fit in your carry-on bag to mini tripods and sturdy professional-grade tripods suited for studio photography and filming. Whatever your situation requires, you’ll be sure to find camera tripods for sale that are customized to your needs from eBay’s extensive tripod store. 

Choose a Tripod for Cameras That’s Tailored to You

When shopping our selection of tripods for cameras, ask yourself what features matter most to you. Do you need a light yet sturdy carbon fiber model that you can take on day hikes or trips? Or would you prefer one that is adaptable to any use or surface, like a Gorilla tripod? Search eBay’s collection of tripods online according to your camera brand, such as Canon, Nikon or Samsung to ensure an ideal DSLR tripod pairing. If you need a tripod for your telephoto or GoPro, you may want to explore our selection of 360-degree rotation tripod heads and camera sliders that offer counterbalance and smooth filming from brands such as Manfrotto and Silk, or a GoPro stick to get all the right angles.

Monopods for Agility and Mobility

Camera monopods are widely used as a DSLR stabilizer by those who aren’t concerned with time-lapse photography or slow shutter speeds. They’re especially favored among travel, nature and sports photographers and videographers for their streamlined, lightweight and readily portable features. Typically made of light yet durable carbon fiber, the monopod is well suited for giving your arm a rest between shots or filming, with some models even doubling as a walking stick!Other monopods have small, retractable feet at their base to provide more support and stability for the heavier cameras and lenses used by professional videographers and photographers. This handy hybrid design combines the camera stabilizer features of traditional tripods with the signature nimbleness and mobility of monopods. Browse eBay’s complete collection by top brands like Canon, Nikon and Manfrotto, or search by device such as binoculars and camcorders.

Tripod Stabilizers Poised for Action

Once the exclusive domain of cinematographers, action mount tripod stabilizers allow any photographer or videographer to capture flawlessly smooth shots and videos by isolating the camera from the user’s movement with a specialized mount. Choose from slider rails or tracks, or wearable gimbal mechanisms that attach to your helmet, or even complete shoulder harness units for heavier cameras and more elaborate filming.Browse eBay’s tripod stabilizers by brands such as Glidecam or Steadicam, by camera brand compatibility, or for those designed specifically for camcorders. However you shoot, you’ll discover the perfect mount for your camera!