Trimble produces a variety of electronic devices. Technology products made by this company are used by surveyors all over the world to gather information. Find the Trimble products and systems that you are looking for in this collection.

What is Trimble?

Trimble is an company known in electronics industries and based in Sunnyvale, California. This company makes a variety of products that can be used to accurately survey or chart an area. Trimble products are also used in the arenas of construction, transportation, agriculture, and communications. This company has been given a variety of awards by Forbes.

What kinds of products are produced by Trimble?
  • Handheld GPS data collector: Trimble produces a wide variety of handheld devices with technology and software used to collect information and data from instruments in the field. Some of these GPS devices are equipped with a touchscreen, while others rely entirely on buttons for input. Some handheld data collectors have color screens, while others have rudimentary black-and-while LCD screens. One thing that all of these devices have in common, however, is that they can wirelessly transmit and receive data from other Trimble devices. These devices are powered by internal batteries that need to be recharged at regular intervals.
  • Direct survey station: These robotic devices are commonly used for surveying applications. A direct survey station is set up out in the field and then controlled by a handheld controller. These devices are equipped with high-power geodimeters, which are lasers that are used to measure the distances between objects. Direct survey stations can be turned in any direction with the push of a button on your handheld controller. Most of these devices come with three rechargeable batteries.
  • R6 Glonass GNSS survey receiver: GNSS receivers are used to pinpoint your exact location anywhere in the world. These devices connect with orbital satellites and have much better accuracy than the GPS function on a smartphone. These receivers can pinpoint your coordinates within millimeters. GNSS receivers can be controlled with your Trimble handheld device.
  • Passive survey station: Unlike a direct survey station, which uses a laser beam to stay on target, a passive survey station uses a variety of criteria to follow objects within its field of view. These devices contain a robotic prism that picks up light to determine which object to follow. Passive survey stations from Trimble usually have nine different sensitivity settings.

How do you use a Trimble GPS data collector?

Once you have found the Trimble equipment that suits your needs, you will need to know how to connect your surveying devices to your handheld data collector. Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Make sure the battery is installed, and turn on your data collector.
  • With your surveying devices set up in the field, select the "connect" function on your data collector.
  • Your handheld device will automatically find your devices. You can then control your devices or download data.
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