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Enhance Your Productivity with the Trimble Automotive GPS Units

Trimble is a navigational, tracking, and positioning company which specializes in geographic information system, or GIS, technology for construction, agriculture, transportation, and land surveying. With an array of different functions and features, their GPS units can provide assistance for a variety of different work, including farming and irrigation. They also offer a full range of navigational software products.

What types of GPS units are available?

Trimble's automotive GIS technology come in a few different forms. Find new and used versions of the following types on eBay.

  • Touch Screen Displays: These displays feature a high-definition color screen, a built-in GPS receiver, and assisted steering. Certain displays may also include an Android-based operating system, camera inputs, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, and automated steering. The displays are transferrable between different vehicles with minimal installation.
  • Modules and Chipsets: These stand-alone modules may include a microprocessor, a GNSS receiver, a built-in antenna, a gyroscope, and an accelerometer. The map-matching algorithm ties it all together to help you navigate around a work environment. Ranging from chipsets to plug-and-play packages, the module may require installation before use.
  • Handheld Tablets: Not strictly an automotive GPS unit, the handheld tablet is nevertheless a portable option which you can carry with you in a vehicle or on the worksite. Running on the Windows 7 operating system and special software, the tablet can collect and analyze information, capture pictures, and connect to the Internet.
Do the GPS units display any field information?

Yes, but it depends on the product. Some of the more powerful displays feature row guidance, water management, yield monitoring, and Trimble's proprietary Field-IQ crop input control technology. You can view different mapping layers such as coverage, speed, and applied rate, and the field manager view allows you to see fields, AB lines, and boundary information.

How accurate is Trimble's guidance technology?

Once again that depends on the product, but most of their GPS units are accurate to within a few meters or less than a meter. The company's proprietary correction technology enables even more precise farming work. At the most powerful end of the spectrum, the RTX correction service enables pass-to-pass and repeatable accuracy of approximately 1.5 inches. The RangePoint RTX correction service provides a pass-to-pass accuracy of 6 inches and a repeatable accuracy of 20 inches.

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