Traxxas is a brand that manufactures RC components. Its innovations extend beyond its RTR and RC cars to its VXL approach that features high-speed brushless motors and multi-channel TQi radio systems. Beginners to advanced enthusiasts have a broad selection of electric and nitro-powered stadium and monster trucks to choose from as well as a host of other vehicle types.

Are Traxxas vehicles RTR?

Typically, Traxxas RC cars, monster trucks, and other vehicles are ready to operate out of the box and are branded as Ready-To-Run. There have been kits and other exceptions in the product line over the years, but for the most part, the company emphasis has been on RTR. Some of its prominent RTR models include the:

  • TRX-4
  • Slash 4X4
  • Revo and E-Revo
  • Rustler and Rustler VXL
  • E-Maxx, T-Maxx, and X-Maxx
What types of vehicles are in the Traxxas lineup?

The Traxxas brand has traditionally had a strong focus on off-roading and dirt short courses, and the product lineup reflects that. Its flagship vehicle is typically a monster truck available in both an electric and nitro configuration, such as the E-Revo and Revo. Nevertheless, the available selection is broad, and in addition to monster trucks, includes:

  • Buggies
  • Racing boats
  • Quad helicopters
  • On-road race cars
  • 2WD and 4WD stadium trucks
What are Traxxas nitro and electric?

A nitro vehicle, such as the Jato, has an engine that consumes nitro fuel, which generally contains some mix of nitromethane and methanol. Nitro engines allow for higher speeds and more torque. Electric setups use rechargeable batteries, electronic speed controls, and brushless motor systems, such as VXL.

Does Traxxas include all necessary accessories?

Since the company has a focus on RTR, its vehicles typically have everything needed to get started. A new T-Maxx, for instance, comes with a radio transmitter, a receiver, a nitro engine, a glow plug, and fuel. A new Slash 4x4, which is electric, comes with a transmitter, a receiver, an ESC, a brushless motor, batteries, and a charger.

How do you bind the transmitter to the receiver?

Traxxas binds your transmitter to your receiver at the factory, so if you’re using a radio from an RTR box, then you don’t need to bind them. If you’re pairing a new a transmitter and/or receiver or just need to rebind them for some reason, then you’ll need to:

  • Press the transmitter SET button as you turn it on.
  • Press and hold the receiver LINK button as you power up your vehicle.
  • Wait for the transmitter and receiver status lights to both turn green.
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