Travel Souvenirs & Memorabilia

What Are Some Examples of Souvenirs and Travel Memorabilia That People Collect?

Many travelers enjoy collecting coins or currency from different countries. Some tourists bring home bus tickets, brochures, maps of the area, and postcards. Others collect T-shirts, hotel pens, notepads, playbills, or magazines. Coasters and menus from restaurants or pubs make popular travel memorabilia for cooking enthusiasts. Many tourists visit gift shops or boutiques to find crafts or clothing made by local artisans.

What Types of Souvenirs Take Up the Least Space in a Suitcase?

Souvenirs that pack neatly in a suitcase include flat, paper items like currency, maps, napkins, menus, brochures, or playbills. Books, small photo albums, and magazines also fit well in a suitcase, as do articles of clothing like T-shirts, scarves, neckties, or knit hats. Many travelers also find space for small stuffed animals, ball caps, and jewelry.

What Are the Best Ways to Display Travel Souvenirs?

Some people put small travel souvenirs in glass jars labeled with the name of the city or country and store them on a shelf or mantel. Attractive wooden boxes with the city or country names stenciled on the outside are a great alternative for larger items. Both jars and boxes help keep travel memorabilia neat and organized. Some people use shadow boxes and picture frames to store flat memorabilia, such as photos, tickets, brochures, maps, menus, and currency, while others enjoy making collages with these items. Scrapbooks are ideal for flat memorabilia storage, and they offer space to write favorite memories and notes about a trip.