Toy View-Masters

Capture a Piece of Pop Culture History With Vintage View-Master Viewers and Reels

One of the more iconic childhood toys is the View-Master. The timeless View-Master toy has been used with multiple generations, and the simple technology still makes the toy an ideal collectible to purchase and use. Learn about the various types of View-Master toys and all the things to look for when shopping through new and preowned View-Master eBay listings and deals.

Differences between standard and projector View-Masters

The View-Master toy was manufactured like a set of binoculars allowing the user to look through the eye holes. As you browse eBay, a majority of the affordable View-Masters will be designed like the original. Some of the View-Master toy products will feature a projector-style design. Instead of peering through the reels using the eye holes, a light will project the reels onto multiple surfaces, including walls. The projectors are still compatible with all types of reels, allowing you to mix and match the reels you purchase with both the standard View-Master and the projector version. Projector View-Masters may come packaged with batteries to power the light, while standard View-Masters operate without the need for any batteries.

What companies produced View-Master toys?

Over the years, several companies have created the View-Master. The Sawyer's Company was the first to develop and release the vintage View-Master and the reels it came with. Following the release of the Sawyer version, several other companies got the license, including Mattel and Fisher-Price. The appealing part of the different View-Master versions is the reels are compatible with them all. So if you have reels and are shopping for a View-Master, then you can purchase the most affordable version. If you have a View-Master, you can shop for any reels you want to collect and they will work in the View-Master. This opens up a lot of shopping options for View-Master collecting.

View-Master lots and bulk listings

With over 50 years of releases, View-Master reels come with all different designs. These include Disney characters, 3D View-Master reels, and national locations like the Grand Canyon. As you shop on eBay, one of the main ways to save money and stock up on View-Master reels is with bulk listings. These will often have a variety of reels with all different types of themes. Mix and match the collections to find the ones you want. Sometimes you may find that you will pay less if you buy them in bulk rather than individually. If you are looking to complete a set, then finding the individual reel may allow you more purchase options.

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