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Hummer H2 Towing and Hauling Parts

Towing and hauling kits add functionality to your Hummer H2. There are different components that allow you to pull trailers or other vehicles with your car. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting your Hummer H2 towing and hauling parts.

What types of hitches are available for the Hummer H2?

There are different types of hitches available that will allow you to tow a trailer with your Hummer H2. Understanding the types of hitches available will help with selecting a kit for your car.

  • Receiver hitches can come in different classes that allow you to tow a different amount of weight. These are typically mounted onto the frame of your vehicle.
  • Bumper-mounted hitches allow for more flexibility and adjustment over standard receiver hitches. The weight capacity of this style of hitch will be determined by the weight your bumper can handle.
What is the difference between proportional and time-delayed brake controllers?

Electric brake controllers are installed in your Hummer H2 and give you control over the brakes on the trailer. There are two main types of brake controllers that are available for your SUV.

  • Proportional brake controllers use sensors to measure the intensity of the SUV brakes and apply the same pressure to the trailer brakes. This can allow you to adapt to the different braking situations, which can provide greater braking efficiency.
  • Time-delayed brake controllers will activate the trailer brakes according to a preset intensity and frequency. When you press the brakes on your H2, the controller will send a signal to the trailer brakes to apply the settings.
What are some tips for selecting Hummer tow hooks?

Towing hooks come in a variety of styles, sizes, and types that can add function to your car. Following these tips can be helpful in selecting hooks for your vehicle.

  • What type of hooks do you need? Some styles will allow for attachments that can be used as recovery anchors if you need to pull stuck cars.
  • The weight of the tow hooks should also be considered when selecting tow hooks. If you’re using your Hummer for recovery purposes, you will want to select a tow hook that is rated for the weight of the vehicle being towed.
  • Tow hooks will have different coatings that protect the tow hooks from rust. The most common coating will be a powder coating, but other options are available.
What companies manufacture towing and hauling kits for your SUV?

When you need to select towing and hauling parts for your Hummer model, you have a variety of options available. If you prefer OEM replacements from the original manufacturer, you can select from Hummer, General Motors, and ACDelco. These companies produce towing kits that are designed to the factory specifications of your Hummer. You can also select kits from Bolt Lock, ICBEAMER, JDM, and other companies that produce aftermarket parts. When selecting aftermarket parts, some adjustments may need to be made for the parts to fit properly. You can also select from several unbranded options as well.