Towel Racks

Towel Racks

Towel racks are useful as holders in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else you use towels. They can be useful for keeping towels close by for when you need them the most. Knowing how to explore the styles will make it easier to get a towel holder that you love.

What is a towel bar?

A towel bar is one of the accessories you can have in your bathroom. It will allow you to hang a towel from it. Depending on the style, it might include a shelf where you can hold various other items, too. All sorts of holder designs are available, allowing you to have as much storage as you need.

How does a towel bar mount?

You need to look at how a towel bar is mounted. Depending on the layout of the bathroom, one mount might work better than another.

  • Wall-mounted: Hardware is used to affix the towel holder to the wall.
  • Over-the-door: The towel rack slips over the room door, a drawer, or a cabinet door.
  • Free standing: A towel rack can sit on the floor, providing plenty of room for towels.
What is the finish type on a towel bar?

You want a towel bar that will coordinate with the rest of your room. This means taking the time to look at the construction materials and finishes available.

  • Chrome: Chrome is popular, offering both glossy and brushed designs.
  • Nickel: Nickel offers a pewter color.
  • Gold: A gold-plated look has the potential to offer something luxurious.
  • Bronze: Bronzed racks provide an antique look.
  • Wood: Various wood stains are available to give a rustic and natural appearance.
What are some of the features available in a towel bar?

Towel bars might have an array of features. It will allow you to get more for your money.

  • Shelves: A shelf or two will provide you with more storage.
  • Waterproof: A waterproof design would allow you to hang the towel rack inside the bath.
  • Heated: Heating coils will keep a towel warm for when you come out of the bath.
How do you shop for a towel rack?

When you want a towel bar for your bathroom, take the time to look at the model and the various features.

  • Mount-type: Look at how to mount the towel rack.
  • Finish: Whether you want gold, chrome, or another finish, look at what's available for the towel bar.
  • Brand: A variety of brands are available.
  • Capacity: Some racks can hold more towels than others.