Towable Travel Trailers

Enjoy Your Cross-Country Trips with a Towable Travel Trailer

You will be impressed with what you can get out of a travel trailer. The layout is smaller in size than an RV in that you would tow the trailer from behind your truck or utility vehicle. The lightweight design of the trailer makes it a suitable option for your camping or long-distance travel needs, but you must look at several features associated with the travel trailer you wish to utilize. Every model option from Casita, Heartland, Starcraft, Keystone, and Airstream among other companies should be checked accordingly. Browse offerings from these brands and others in the listings on eBay, which come at a number of price points and in conditions from new to used to certified pre-owned.

A quick note: This is a little different from what you would find in Class C motorhomes or other similar units in that the towable trailer is separate from the vehicle you are driving. The Class A, B, or C RV types feature all-in-one bodies.

How Is Travel Weight Important?

Take a look at the weights in your RV setup so you can find something that your truck or SUV can tow. Several weight measurements should be noticed in a travel trailer:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) - The UVW or dry weight is the weight of the RV as it was initially built. The weight does not include the cargo you would add or any other attachments or accessories involved.
  • Axle Weight - This is the weight of the trailer as it is carried by an axle. You can subtract the hitch weight from the UVW to get the axle weight.
  • Hitch Weight - This is the weight of the trailer that the hitch on your vehicle will carry.
  • Gross Cargo Carrying Capacity (GCCC) - The GCCC is the total cargo that the trailer can tote around.
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) - The GVWR is the maximum weight that the travel trailer can persist at without breaking down. This should be a measure of the UVW and GCCC put together.

Be sure the weight is suitable for the towability of one of these fifth wheels.

Check on the Floor Plan

See what the floor plan inside the RV is like. The trailer can include many features on the inside, such as the following:

  • Room for a bed; your space may have sleeping capacity for two or more
  • A living area with a sofa and dinette with slide outs for added support
  • A bathroom area with a shower; you would require a water reservoir inside the RV for this with a large water capacity (gallons)
  • An indoor kitchen space; this may include appliances powered by a gas material you add on the outside

These indoor features may work for truck campers when youre looking for a spot to keep warm in when camping during the cooler times of the year.

See What the Outside Will Offer

The outside part of the RV may include many extra features for your RVing convenience:

  • An outdoor kitchen may feature a grill linked to a gas supply surface.
  • A ladder can work on the side or back part of the travel trailer.
  • Spots for fuel, including propane or gas fuel cans, should be included in a secure spot affixed to the side length of the travel trailer.
Look at the Wheels

The fifth wheels you look for will have distinct wheels for transporting them along the back of your truck or SUV. The wheels should be aligned accordingly and possibly match up with what you have on your car itself. Having wheels that are close to each other as possible makes the towing process easy.

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