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Toshiba Laptop Batteries

Toshiba laptop batteries are available to power your Toshiba Satellite or other Toshiba laptop. Find the Toshiba battery model you need for your Satellite or other Toshiba from the wide selection of laptop batteries.

How can you tell if you need a battery replacement?

The battery for your Toshiba Satellite or other laptop computers from Toshiba may need to be replaced over the course of its life. Toshiba’s original battery packs are designed to last a couple of years before requiring replacement. If you think your Satellite or other Toshiba is ready for a replacement battery, check for the following signs:

  • The laptop battery doesn’t last cord-free as long as usual.
  • The battery won’t charge even after extended periods connected to a charger.
  • The "consider replacing battery" message or notification comes on.
  • The laptop won’t work unless connected to a charger.
How long will the fully charged Toshiba battery last?

How long a Toshiba battery will last in your laptop between charges depends on several factors, including if the laptop is in use, how you are using it, and the age of the battery. Your Toshiba battery is designed to last roughly two to five hours on a full charge. Some battery-intensive activities, such as using your laptop for gaming or streaming, can shorten the battery life.

How long does it take to charge the laptop battery?

A Toshiba battery is designed to take the same amount of time to charge as other laptop batteries. The timeframe can vary depending on how much power the laptop battery had left, the model, its capacity, and if the laptop is in use while charging. The average timeframe to fully charge Toshiba battery packs is designed to be one to three hours from when the battery was connected to a power source. Most Toshiba laptops, including the Toshiba Satellite, have a battery power indicator light that will turn green when the laptop battery is fully charged.

What is the battery life expectancy for a Toshiba laptop?

The life span of the original laptop battery or its replacement in your Toshiba Satellite or other Toshiba laptop will depend on several factors. For most batteries, regardless of laptop model or computer brand, the life span is one to two years of regular use. Frequent use of your Satellite or another Toshiba laptop may make the life span shorter as many battery packs are rated for the number of charging cycles rather than the number of years.

Can you get two Toshiba batteries and swap them out?

It is possible to have two Toshiba battery packs of the same model and swap them to extend the time you are free from charging your laptop. To accomplish this, begin by charging each laptop battery in your Toshiba Satellite or another laptop. Once both batteries are fully charged, carry the extra one with you and swap the dead one for your backup when your Satellite computer runs out of battery.

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