Topcon Corporation originally named Tokyo Optical Company went into business in 1932, manufacturing optical surveying systems (e.g. binoculars, cameras, and lenses) for the Japanese Imperial Military. By the end of the Second World War, Topcon was selling its products commercially and expanding its areas of business producing ophthalmic and medical instruments, manufacturing Japan’s first refractometer, and delving into the global market in fields as diverse as infrastructure development, agriculture, and eye care. In 2001, Topcon Positioning Systems was formed to support the wide selection of products available to assist contractors, operators, surveyors, and civil engineers to accurately survey, excavate, and grade construction sites for any size or difficulty of the job.

What sorts of laser levels and equipment does Topcon offer?
  • Topcon RL-H4C Self-Leveling Rotary Grade Laser This horizontal self-leveling laser is designed for the survey, excavation, drainage works, concrete setting, and set-out on the construction site. This laser has a range of 2,600’, using a receiver and accurate up to 1/16” at 100’ and horizontally self-adjusts within five degrees. This model can rotate at 600RPM, the rotating laser can slope match with automatic cross-axis self-leveling, and an automatic height-of-instrument alert will help avoid errors. The RL-H4C comes with dual LCD displays, rubber grip handles for relocation, and is powered by D batteries that are rated to last up to 100 hours in this unit. This model comes with a 5/8-inch by 11-inch screw thread on the bottom for mounting on a surveying tripod. This laser is suitable for machine manipulation of construction equipment, installation of interior walls and fittings, concrete footings and foundations, and grade and slope matching.
  • LS-B10 Machine Mount Laser Receiver This laser receiver is compact, featuring a magnetic disc built into its back plate for mounting on smaller construction equipment, such as mini-excavators, backhoes, and skid steer loaders. The LS-B10 laser receiver has grade checking and machine control options, weighs under a pound, has 11 LCD channels with out-of-grade detection, four on-grade zone functions, 270u00b0 detection range at 270 degrees, and red and green LED indicators. It runs on three AA batteries.
  • LN100 Layout Navigator The LN100 Layout Navigator is a 3D positioning system specifically designed to read the entire layout of a construction site. This product uses Topcon laser and robotic technologies to map a construction site and is designed for civil engineering, construction surveying, mapping, vertical construction, and building information modeling. It features a touchscreen and remote controls, one button startup, dual LED displays, sealed housing, self-leveling base, wireless 802.11 communications technology, and rubber grips. The LN100 has a 360-degree rotational laser, a range of 3’ to 300’ with a positioning accuracy variance of 0.11”, and vertical coverage of 66’ to 300’. This unit is equipped with a 5/8-inch by 11-inch screw thread for mounting on a survey tripod and comes with two BDC70 batteries rated for five hours of running time, a battery charger, carrying case, and instructional CD.
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