As one of the first consumer GPS navigation systems, TomTom offers turn-by-turn directions via its in-car touchscreen device. When choosing a TomTom device, there are several key components, such as features, measurements, and car compatibility, you should learn before making a decision.

What maps does TomTom use?

TomTom devices are powered by two distinct mapping layers. All maps, regardless of detail, are based on the Tele Atlas mapping software. To enhance coverage and maintain accuracy, GPS units are supported by the TomTom MapShare Community. Map data is validated and adjusted based upon information gathered from over 21 million worldwide drivers.

Is TomTom navigation free or does it require a subscription?

All GPS units, regardless of model or year, offer basic-level navigation without a subscription. However, certain features and functions require additional purchase. These include:

  • Traffic reporting, which is only available for specific GPS units, derives real-time traffic direct from drivers. Along with traffic delays, this provides expected delay times and explains the cause of traffic, such as congestion, accident, or construction.
  • Safety camera subscription offers detailed insights into intersection safety camera locations, as well as established speed traps. Information is updated from a collection of 3.4 million drivers.
  • Road Trip subscription is designed to plan, navigate, and enhance road trip experiences. Explore hidden roadways to avoid common traffic congestion or experience the natural beauty of your surroundings by choosing a scenic route. Trips may be customized based upon third-party data.
How do you update a TomTom?

Regardless of GPS model, the update process is universal. In order to perform regular updates, you’ll need your GPS unit, access to a computer, and an internet connection.

  • Make sure the GPS unit is turned off and connect it to your computer via its compatible USB cord. Once connected, power on your device.
  • The MyDrive Connect app will automatically launch; if not, navigate to your computer’s file manager and manually open the program.
  • Log into the MyDrive Connect system with your login credentials, which is typically your email address.
  • If available, select the appropriate “Update selected” option and follow the on-screen guide.
How do you recharge a TomTom GPS?

Due to its portability, you must recharge the device after several hours of use. Durations between charging vary based on model, but the process is universal.

  • Plug a compatible USB cable into the device and the other end into your vehicle power port. If your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in USB port, an adapter is necessary.
  • To recharge with your computer, attach the unit to your computer via the USB charging cable. Make sure to turn on your computer to activate the charge.
  • Recharge the device at home by connecting it to a wall charger via the USB charging cable.
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