Timeshares for Sale

Time for a Luxury Vacation: Buy Inexpensive Timeshares

If you're looking for timeshares for sale at cheap prices, you can find timeshares for sale on eBay.

Types of timeshares for sale

There are three main types of timeshares for sale:

  • Fixed timeshare: Fixed timeshares are defined by the fixed dates that you can stay at these properties. The date is set, so you should choose the week or weeks of the year that you would like to stay wisely. Plan ahead of time to review what time of the year suits your vacation goal so that you can spend quality time every year.
  • Floating timeshare: Floating timeshares are characterized by a fixed period rather than a fixed time. A fixed period can be summer, winter, or the first quarter of the year. Instead of a fixed time, you can book a timeshare on any date during that particular period.
  • Rotational timeshare: Combining the flexibility of fixed and floating timeshares, rotational timeshare offers everyone a chance to enjoy timeshares at different times and periods of the year. The rotation pattern may be based on a fixed timeshare or the floating timeshare.
Tips to buying an affordable timeshare unit

Timeshare experts recommend that it's better to buy directly from the owner instead of using a middleman such as a development company. Buying direct can save you plenty of cash to spend on paying for an additional cost that comes with timeshare ownership. These additional costs are in the shape of maintenance charges; therefore, make sure that you incorporate annual maintenance charges in the total cost of owning an inexpensive timeshare.

In fact, your traveling cost to reach the timeshare location is also critical to the overall budget. Don't buy a timeshare in Hawaii if you are not willing to pay for vacation tickets from New York. Similarly, decide on the quality of accommodation because you cannot ask the managers to improve quality. Just like hotels, timeshare units are also evaluated by star ratings and other awards that may prove beneficial in selecting the dream property.

Which timeshare brands should you use?

Selecting a brand will mainly depend on your lifestyle and needs. Timeshare brands such as InnSeason, Massanutten and Disney focus on offering high-quality, personalized service in a specific state or region. If you want to stay close to your hometown, these types of brands will suit you. In contrast, if you want to travel extensively around the world, then RCI and Club Intrawest are well-known choices, as they have a lot of options around the world. Similarly, if you're infatuated with a brand name hotel, Sheraton, Marriott, Holliday Inn, Hilton, Hyatt and Wyndham timeshares for sale are just a few upscale hotel chains offering ownership.