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Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade was an artist who was also known as the Painter of Light. During his lifetime, he became the most collected artist still living. He used his joy of painting to promote many charitable causes and raised several hundreds of thousands of dollars with his art.

What licensing agreements did Thomas Kinkade have with other companies?

The Kinkade company has licensing agreements with numerous companies. Some are with companies who distribute his artwork around the world, and others are with companies who have agreed to the use of their characters in his productions.

  • Disney - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, The Little Mermaid, Pluto, and many other familiar Disney characters are prominently featured in these licensed productions.
  • D.C. - Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and other famous D.C. comics are front and center in artworks and other merchandise.
  • PTM Images - PTM Images publishes home decor and other furnishings depicting Kinkade art.
  • Lionel - Lionel trains displays his familiar artwork on their passenger cars.
  • Hallmark - Hallmark is a purveyor of Thomas Kinkade productions.
  • Ceaco - Ceaco publishes puzzles of his artwork.
  • The Bradford Exchange - The Bradford Exchange produces many types of limited edition collectibles of his published works.
  • D. Parks and Associates LLC - This company represents his works in Japan.
What types of Thomas Kinkade merchandise are there?

There are many types of merchandise published under the Kinkade name. Not just paintings and prints, but many different types of collectibles and memorabilia have been produced.

  • Paintings - Paintings are the main output from Kinkade, and there are many original productions.
  • Prints - Limited edition prints abound of his original artworks.
  • Mugs - There are many mugs and cups with various Kinkade artwork.
  • Figurines - Many types of figurines are available.
  • Adult coloring books - There are adult coloring books filled with familiar images.
  • Sculptures - Various sculptures capture Kinkade's essence.
  • Puzzles - A large number of Kinkade artworks have been reproduced in puzzle form.
  • Christmas houses - As Christmas was a recurring theme in Kinkade's art, several series of Christmas houses displaying his artistry have been produced.
What were the subjects of Thomas Kinkade's art?

He specialized in bucolic and nostalgic images of cottages, landscapes, sunsets, and many other themes. The use of light was predominantly featured in most of his artwork.

Thomas Kinkade would often put symbols of his love for his family in his artworks, such as the initials of his family members' names and commemorative dates of special family occasions.

Thomas Kinkade died in 2012 and his estate is now managed by his family and the family foundation. His many published artworks continue to be collected.

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