Thermofax Tattoo Supplies

Employ a Classic Tool Into Your Contemporary Designs With a Vintage Thermofax Machine

Screen printing, printmaking, and tattoo artistry all require master templates from which to work. A Thermofax provides high-quality, reusable templates from which to reproduce art quickly and exactly. Though decades old, Thermofax machines are highly prized for their ease of use and simple design, and are available for sale on eBay.

How does a Thermofax create a template?

By utilizing the plastic-quality Thermofax screens, a Thermofax heat treatment creates whatever design you want on the screen itself. Because of the way the design is burned into the screen, this allows liquids like dyes to transfer through to paper or skin underneath. Because of the speed and simplicity at which this process occurs, these machines are still highly favorable for tattoo parlors and screen printers the world over. Additionally, the transfers are made without the use of toxic or flammable chemicals, instead of using heating elements to transfer your design onto thermal paper. This process creates durable, detailed templates that will last for hundreds of prints if they are taken care of well.

What are the benefits of a Thermofax?

A Thermofax heat transfer provides highly accurate design replication, including fine details like hairs, fibers, and precise handwriting or paint strokes. The speed and detail of printing along with the ease of use make these machines highly useful in many hand-drawn art applications, like a silkscreen. In addition:

  • Numerous uses: Master copies of original work can be used to print hundreds of times.
  • Nontoxic: Screen materials are cheap and don't require caustic or toxic chemicals to process.
  • Ease of use: Printing is fast and simple.
  • No ink or toner: Because the image is heat-transferred, you won't need to purchase ink or toner.
What to look for before buying a Thermofax on eBay

Consider your needs in artmaking before you purchase a Thermofax. These machines are highly durable and able to create multiple, long-lasting prints, and many from the 1950s are still in use. You may want to consider a few things before you buy:

  • Ensure print capability: Ensure that the machine itself will be capable of printing to the size you want.
  • Ensure reproducability: Be certain that you can easily reproduce or find a supply of thermal paper for the copier.
  • Ensure knowledge of use: Make sure that you understand how to use a vintage Thermofax though they are simple and reliable, it's ideal to know exactly what you're doing.