Thermal Vision

Expand Your Hunting Sight Options With Thermal Vision

Thermal vision can be a useful way to see animals or any objects that emit heat even in dark surroundings. Thermal vision optics will give you real-time night vision so you can improve your late-night game or adventure. You can find a wide range of styles for affordable thermal vision optics on eBay. 

How are thermal vision optics powered?

Thermography detects radiation in objects that emit heat and produces a colorful image of that radiation to distinguish it from a dark background. Thermal vision devices use a power source for this feature. Many of the new and pre-owned thermal vision optics you will find on eBay use a portable battery as a power source. The Li-ion battery is one of the most common here. This type of power is designed to give your thermal devices some of the following benefits:  

  • Use time: Several thermal optic devices can hold a charge long enough to allow you to use them in the field for several hours continuously.
  • Rechargeable batteries: Many thermal sights are compatible with rechargeable batteries. You can use your device many times with just one power source.

Recording objects with thermal vision 

Looking through thermal vision goggles or a scope can provide you with real-time night vision. However, some models you will find on eBay can also record the images you are seeing for later playback. These thermal devices use an internal memory unit to store recordings that you can look at, edit, or enhance later. Two primary record methods you will find are described here:  

  • Images: Some thermal vision scopes, goggles, or binoculars are able to take snapshots and store them in an internal database. Many of these devices can store hundreds of images at once.
  • Video: You can use some of the thermal devices you will find on eBay to record several hours of video in high-definition quality.

What types of thermal vision devices are available? 

All thermal imaging can render a detailed representation of objects in the field for you. However, you may wish to use eBay to find a specific type of device that fits your needs. Some of the most common types of devices you will discover include the following two:  

  • Monocular: This type of device can be a night vision scope for hunting or a separate lens with one-handed operation.
  • Goggles: A set of goggles will fit over your face and provide you with night vision while keeping your hands free.