Theme Park & Club Passes

Buying Theme Park Club Passes 

There's nothing more exciting than visiting your favorite theme park, especially during the summer or on spring break when you have time for a family vacation. Since these vacations typically aren't too easy on the pocketbook, any discounts can help immensely, and that's where theme park club passes come in. These are types of savings that can ease the financial burden of your trip so you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams without worrying about emptying your bank account to do so. 

What Are Some Venues You Can Visit?

There are so many fun and enjoyable locations to go on vacation, whether you have kids or not. Some of these include Cedar Point and Hershey Park. No matter what time of the year you decide to visit parks and venues, there are certain to be special events, shows, and celebrations that will enhance your visit further. Here are some places you may want to put on your vacation bucket list.  

  • Disney World in Orlando, Florida isn't just for kids. In fact, everyone can enjoy the rides, attractions, shows, and parades at The Happiest Place on Earth. Alternately, Disneyland in Anaheim, California offers many of the same attractions, minus the Epcot Center. While you're in Orlando, check out Universal Studios Orlando, LEGOLAND, or Busch Gardens, and if you're visiting California, Universal Studios Hollywood is a must-see.  
  • Get splashed during a dolphin show at Sea World. Sea World offers many locations, including San Diego, San Antonio, and Orlando, and this park not only puts on amazing animal shows, but offers rides and other attractions too.  
  • Six Flags is a known theme park with locations across the country. It features everything from death-defying roller coasters to much tamer kids' rides along with arcades, shopping, shows, and eateries for all-day fun for all ages. Some locales include Texas, Maryland, and California.  

What Are The Advantages of Club Passes?

Just like with any other discount or promo, club passes enable you to get reduced prices on everything from admission to food. Check out what's available as you browse for passes and see what's available depending on what venue you're headed to and what time of year you're going.  

  • Family packs are a common discount tool. This could mean that you could pay a lower price for a four-pack or a six-pack of tickets to accommodate an entire family as opposed to paying higher prices for single tickets for everyone in your party.  
  • Free or included parking is another bonus when you're seeking theme park passes, and since parking tends to be fairly costly, this is a pretty good offer.  
  • Food and drink discounts are a good way to save on high park prices when it comes to food and drinks. These could be in the form of savings coupons for entire meals or refillable cups for sodas or water when you're at the park all day long.  

What Are The Types of Passes Available?

You may wonder how you'll use these passes and what formats they come in. In the technological age, there are more options than there used to be. Here are a few ways you may get your discount passes.  

  • Paper tickets are still a viable and useful way to receive promotions and coupons. These may be mailed to you and you can use them when you get to the park or when booking your trip online.  
  • A wristband is a common tool used by parks to denote you have a discount or are eligible for free drink refills, or they sometimes contain a UPC code that you can get scanned at the park to retrieve your discounts or offers. 
  • Tickets you get via email, called etickets, are tickets that you use instead of paper tickets. You show them on your phone when you get to the park and they usually include a scannable code so you can receive your discount.   

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