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The Limited Clothing for Women

The Limited offers a variety of different clothing separates. A range of materials are utilized to create different pieces. Having plenty of separates in your wardrobe will allow you to create like-new outfits regularly.

What types of tops does the Limited sell?

The Limited currently sells a variety of women's tops, some of which are described here:

  • Blouses and shirts: Tops come in both long and short sleeved options in a variety of different textiles including satin, linen, and cotton. Patterns including florals, stripes, and solids are all available with a range of different embellishments.
  • Sweaters: These garments are also available in a variety of styles. Cashmere, cotton, and wool are some of the materials that are utilized to construct sweaters.
  • Dresses: Dresses are offered with different necklines, silhouettes, and fastener options. Some feature a tighter, more form-fitting top with a wide, flared skirt on the bottom. Others do not have a flared skirt and feature a symmetrical pencil skirt instead. While most are zippers, some are installed on the back of the garment while others are in the side panels.
  • Jackets, blazers, and suits: These separates come in petite and regular sizes to suit a range of measurements. The Limited hosts a variety of faux fur-lined jackets and blazers. Another style is the moto jacket, which is usually in red or in black and contains zippers or some other silver embellishment.
What types of bottoms are available?

The Limited offers a variety of women's bottoms. Jeans, slacks, trousers, and khakis are all available from this particular brand in a range of lengths and with differing numbers of pockets. Some include a slim, tailored fit with a skinny leg. Skirts come in different lengths, shapes, and fits.

What types of plus sized apparel are available?

A wide range of plus-size garments are available from The Limited. Dresses, blouses, T-shirts, pants, and skirts come in sizes 0X through 3X.

What type of materials does the company use?

Most of the brand's products consist of materials such as wool, denim, leather, polyester, nylon, spandex, and viscose (a semi-synthetic fiber similar to rayon). A significant number of garments are recommended to be dry-cleaned or hand wash only. Some clothing can be washed in a standard washer and dryer, although it is recommended that you finish with a tumble on dry low heat. Refer to the care tag inside a particular garment for most effective care instructions.

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