Textile and Fiber Art

The art that you add to a home can help to create its character just as much as every piece of furniture you own. A bronze art sculpture of a galloping horse, a pencil drawing by the late Artist Charles Bragg, and other arts and crafts pieces anchor your environment. Create additional visual interest with texture and color, through the use of textile and fiber art, which uses cloth and fibrous materials rather than paints or metals to create an interesting visual. Find one or more art pieces on eBay that speak to you from every angle.

Where Do You Start When Deciding to Purchase Art?

Having so many types of art from which to choose is daunting. These tips should help narrow down your choices:

  • You Must Like it: Whenever you look at art, it should stir up feelings you identify with. If a particular piece does not inspire much in you, then it's not what you're looking for.
  • Size: To display the artwork, you need space. A blank wall can accommodate many small pieces, a large piece, or a combination of both.
  • Color: When decorating a space, many times artwork is the focal point in a room. If the piece seems off due to color or style, the artwork will look out of place. Try to match and complement it.
  • Budget: Set a limit before you buy and stick to it.
  • Artists: Consider works of art from new artists just entering the art world. Normally their work is less expensive, but equally creative as established artists.

What Types of Art Should You Choose?

Now that you know how to proceed, consider purchasing pieces from one or more art categories.

Just like a painting or poster, you choose your textile art with similar characteristics. Abstract textile and fiber art uses interesting shapes, colors, and use of space as a way to create emotion, rather than familiar images. If you want a piece that shows off the delicacy of an artist and their attention to detail, more traditional designs might give you more what you are looking for. Textile arts that feature landscapes will often take a scene of the outdoors and attempt to render it as well as any painting. Portraits of this kind achieve a similar end, with familiar or famous faces (perhaps of a famous person, a relative, or even a beloved animal) in brilliant color. The texture and use of color threads and fabric in these pieces are a wonder to look at, and the closer you look, the more interesting it is to analyze how the artists achieved what they did. 

What Subject Matter Is Available?

A landscape looks at home beside a pastel representation of plants. Place a grouping of baseball, bicycling, and boxing art alongside your favorite signed sports print. Animal lovers can choose from equestrian art examples, while architects prefer cityscapes and houses. Parents may prefer a children's scene or a framed, fabric print of a child. The large variety and quantities of subject matter available allows you to purchase art you love.