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Practice Your Serve With a Lobster Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster manufactures tennis ball machines intended to help players practice their swings. The adjustable controls on the device allow the various machines to meet the needs of players of varied skill levels. The feeding and serving are performed automatically by the machine, and you can find many of these machines listed on eBay at affordable prices.

Can a tennis ball machine be moved to different locations?

A machine designated as a portable device moves without much difficulty. Design-wise, the machine comes connected to both a push handle and wheels. With some models, pushing down on the handle tilts the unit which, in turn, makes it easy to move.

How does the remote control operate the machine?

The remote control allows the user to execute a host of different commands for feeding the tennis balls. Remote controls no longer require hardwiring to connect to the machine. Instead, the connection becomes possible through a Bluetooth signal. Upon establishing the connection, users can request:

  • The desired speed
  • The frequency of ball serves
  • The line the ball is served
What powers the tennis ball machine?

A portable tennis ball machine is battery powered. Thanks to the battery power source, the apparatus may be moved to a wide range of different locations not limited to tennis courts. Tennis fans may choose from fields, parks, and other safe places. The battery unit plugs into a charger, which then feeds electricity to the battery. The number of hours a player can drill with the tennis ball machine is subject to the battery life per charge. Specific models' batteries keep the device powered for upwards of 8 hours.

What is the ball capacity on a tennis ball machine?

Ball capacity ranges from machine to machine. The machine and its connected ball-storage basket size vary. A storage basket holding upwards of 150 balls is not uncommon. As long as the device adequately houses an acceptable number of balls, the feed should be smooth.

The maximum number of lines varies based on the programming of a particular tennis ball machine. A maximum of six lines may be possible with one model. Users can set the machine to deliver ball serves on a specified path. Some machines vary their line feed automatically. This way, the lines change up with each serve and do not remain static.

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