Team Associated

Team Associated

Whether you like to race RC cars at a local track or down the street outside your front door, Team Associated is likely to have a model that suits your tastes. You’ll also discover a broad catalog of stock and aftermarket parts and accessories so that you can tune and customize your car, buggy, or truck to perfection.

What is Team Associated?

Team Associated is a company that specializes in the RC hobby. There are two integral aspects of the brand. One part focuses on the design and manufacturing of RC parts and vehicles. The other is the team itself. The team comprises professionals who race the brand’s products in high-profile events.

Are Team Associated RC vehicles sold RTR or as kits?

The company makes both RTR products and kits, and in many cases, you have the option between the two for the same model. RTR stands for ready to run, and it means that the car or truck is mostly assembled and comes with all or most necessary accessories, such as transmitters, receivers, electronic speed controls, glow engines, and so forth. Kits need to be built from parts, including wheels, tires, and motors, and they tend not to include accessories so that you can customize your setup.

Which types of parts and accessories does Team Associated make?

Team Associated offers replacement parts so that you can replace items that have worn. It also offers aftermarket RC parts so that you can upgrade your RC cars. The brand also has an extensive catalog of accessories that range from licensed apparel to light and sound kits. Some of the common parts available include:

  • Fluids and lubes
  • Speed controllers
  • Aluminum and graphite upgrades
  • Competition-spec brushless motors
What are setup sheets?

Setup sheets include the information an RC enthusiast needs to dial a vehicle in. The setup sheet included with an RC vehicle provides its stock tune. There are also advanced setup sheets available that help you to dial a vehicle in for a particular environment. If you want to mirror a setup that Team Associated was using for 2WD vehicles at a particular track or course, for instance, there may be a sheet available for that.

Are there mobile apps available for Team Associated vehicles?

Yes. Team Associated develops apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle platforms. Nearly every vehicle in production is supported, and whether you’re racing casually or competitively, they put all of the settings and tune information that you may need about your vehicle at your fingertips.

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