Tea Cosies

Despite the spread of the high street coffee shops and the rushed tea-bag-in-a-mug tea break, the traditional tea cosy still has its place in the modern home. Both practical and decorative, it will keep your pot warm for that second, or even third cup, while you chat with your friends or watch your favourite TV show.

Types of Tea Cosy

Tea cosies range from handcrafted cosies, such as knitted or crocheted tea cosies, through to highly efficient thermal lined tea cosies that are padded for extra performance. You can choose a tea cosy that covers your pot completely or one that leaves the handle and spout exposed so that it doesn't have to be removed to pour your tea.

Designer Tea Cosies

All the major designers have a tea cosy in their range, from the distinctive patterns of Cath Kidson to the traditional styles of Portmeirion. The major potteries also make branded tea cosies to match their fine china tea sets, with tea cosies available from the likes of Royal Worcester and Spode.

Novelty Tea Cosies

While a plain, practical tea cosy will do the job, many people prefer to add a little character to their tea break with a novelty tea cosy. These come in all shapes and sizes, from London buses to sleeping pigs, Union Flags to old world maps. Whatever your interests, you'll find a tea cosy to match.

Seasonal Tea Cosies

Some people like to have a tea cosy that is only used for those special seasonal occasions, such as Christmas. These can be packed away with the decorations ready to make that Christmas morning cuppa feel all the more festive.

Cosies for Other Hot Drinks

Of course, cosies aren't just available for teapots. You can also get cosies for cafetieres, as well as mug cosies and even cosies for that on-the-go brew from the coffee shop. These not only keep your brew warm but also make those hot cups easier to carry.