Decorate Any Room With Stunning Taxidermy Mounts

Taxidermy mounts offer you a convenient way to display animals in a lifelike state for decorative or investigative purposes. You can use eBay to purchase affordable taxidermy head mounts of specific animals or to get mounting hardware for your own work. Exploring the wealth of affordable options available on eBay can help you find mounts of your favorite animals.

Do taxidermy mounts come in various poses?

Most taxidermy aims to depict the animal in a lifelike manner as you might find it in the wild. Although taxidermy heads don't have action poses, the eyes and other facial features still take on a realistic gaze or expression. Full-body taxidermy animals are usually displayed in an action pose that mirrors a movement the creature might make in real life. You can use eBay to sort through the list of available animals and find one that comes in a pose that works for your plans. eBay offers a broad selection of affordable options for taxidermy mounts, and you can find multiple depictions of the same animal in different life poses.

Animal types you can choose for your mount

Many kinds of animals are mounted and available for purchase from eBay. Some common wildlife types you can find include the following:

  • Canines - This family of animals includes wildlife such as coyotes, jackals, and wolves. You may find taxidermy head mounts or full-body mounts for these animals.
  • Felines - A North American bobcat comes as just a head or the full body.
  • Marsupials - Animals from this family are commonly stuffed and include possums and wombats.
  • Deer - Several types of deer are common in taxidermy head mounts.
  • Squirrels - An extra large tail grey squirrel is an option.
  • Weasels - This comes as a full-body mount that can be mounted anywhere.
  • Raccoons - These are stuffed in several different poses to suit your decor.
What conditions can you choose for your taxidermy mount?

eBay offers a wide selection of low-priced taxidermy mounts in different conditions to fit your needs or budget. The most common options for taxidermy mount conditions include:

  • New - These are brand new mounts that have not yet been put on display. Both the mounting hardware and the animal, if applicable, should show no signs of cosmetic or natural wear. Your mounts should include original packaging and papers as well.
  • Used - Used taxidermy head mounts have been on display before. However, the backing and the display piece should both be serviceable and ready for mounting in the location of your choice.